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Foamed Concrete

Some of the highly insulative cementitious foams at densities 48 kg/m3(3 pcf) to 645 kg/m3(40 pcf) or higher can be used as block fills, lightweight roof deck and void-fill materials.

Good strength characteristics with reduced weight make lightweight concrete based on aqueous foams suitable for structural and semi-structural applications such as lightweight partitions, wall and floor panels, and lightweight blocks.

Cementitious foams are suitable for thin layer coating applications where specific performance criteria are required.

 Foamed concrete and foamed cement have very fine pore structure, unlike that made with conventional proteinaceous and surfactant foams. The pore structure of foams hardly show any sign of deterioration as the density of the foamed cement decreases to below 160 kg/m3 (10 pcf).

At densities below 160 kg/m3, the pore texture of foamed cement derived from conventional foam agents becomes so coarse that most of them show severe structural collapse.

The dynamic nature of foam systems allows different foam rheology to be incorporated into the host cement/concrete matrix to satisfy a wide range of slump loss requirements. The inert nature of foam systems makes them compatible with different kinds of aggregates, fillers, extenders, retarders, accelerators, colorants, hydraulic inorganics and many other additives.

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